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Chile Lindo Hostel is the creation of three adventurous minds, with the ambition to create a new experience in shared hosting. Two of the founders are originally from Chile and the third is Canadian. The idea came through various travels in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America, where we detected the rich culture of each country, as transmitted to its tourists, who receive the best experience. That is why Chile Lindo Hostel offers its guests more than just hosting offers an experience where you can immerse yourself about Chilean culture through the enclosure environment. The philosophy of Chile Lindo Hostel is to give travelers a comfortable, relaxing stay and a fun and entertaining hostel, while maintaining affordable rates.

Address: Moneda 2514!, Santiago, Chile – Phone: + (562) 26812506 – Cellphone: + (569) 57680094 – e-mail: info@chilelindohostel.cl
Our Facilities

Our Facilities

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The neighborhood

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Transport and how to get there:

Chile Lindo Hostel 2514 is located in Coin, near the corner of Moneda and Garcia Reyes. Coming down the main street, Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins or Alameda. Guests must exit north on Avenida Ricardo Cumming Street and continue until Moneda. Here, turn left to the west and the hostel is two blocks away.
If your arrival is by subway, take line one (red line) to the Republic station. Upon arrival, take the north exit Avenida Ricardo Cumming called out, or from Cumming meter walk up the street and then take currency westward, where after 2 blocks, you will find Hostel Chile Lindo.

Address: Hostal dirección: Moneda 2514, Santiago, Chile
Phone: + (562) 26812506
E-mail: info@chilelindohostel.cl
near the neighborhood Brasil, Yungai and subway.


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